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New Universe: Nembus!

Nembus is a medium-highspeed Universe with all kinds of features Space-Rivals has to offer. Nembus will open on the 23. April 2023 at 18:00 CET with a speed of x15.000

Android & iOS App

We are planing to re-launch our Space-Rivals App to Android & iOS within end of April/Start of May, stay tuned for more information!

Latest Update 1.3!

We performed a few server-side changes to improve the stability of Space-Rivals in general and in order to improve a few functionalities.

New Update: 1.2

A new Update has been implemented to all available Universes!

New Midspeed Universe: Omnia!

Omnia is a highspeed Universe with all kinds of Features on the latest Version.

New Update: 1.1

A new Update has been implemented to Ganymed & Hilal!


Server Status

Total Players: 5842
New Players this month: 60
New Players today: 2
Players Online: 80