Road to Version 2.0


  • New Background & Visuals.
  • Fix "Forget Password".
  • Add Automatic Language Detection.
  • Add 8 missing Language Variables.
  • Fix 3 design Issues.


  • Fixed Fleet Auto-Safe System in galaxies outside of 1.
  • Fixed an PVE Battle "abuse" technique in Expeditions/Discoveries.
  • Added 4 new language variables.
  • Added Record Progress Lines.


  • New Login & Registration Interface

Bug Bounty Program

We want to know it! We all know it became kinda quite about Space-Rivals and our efforts connected to Universe Development. The real reason? We had to take a break after 3 years of Ups and Downs. With this step, we would like to start a Bug Bounty Programm which rewards the most anticipating players of Space-Rivals for helping us! And as nothing starts perfect, we know there will (hopefully) be tons of reports but no worries, we are here - with new motivation and the will to make Space-Rivals a great home for Players as also as for us administrating it.
So how will the Bug Bounty System work? Each proven Bug Report will be rewarded with 5.000 - 250.000 Dark Matter, depending on the weigh of the bug. For example, an language issue rewards you with 5.000 Dark Matter, an invalid ingame function rewards you with 100.000 - 250.000. We will list all known and fixed issues/bugs here, so everyone is free to get to know about them, check if they are fixed or to simply check the status.
Report in Nembus Report in Ganymed
Known Bugs:
  • None more known yet.
  • ...we update daily!